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Remove Logo Now! 7.3

Removes texts and watermarks from video files
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Process a video file in the application to clean the visuals from watermarks, copyright texts, overlays, online channel logos, etc. The program supports common formats such as AVI and MP4 and automatically detects standard overlay types and removes them. Manual identification is possible.

Channel logos on TV broadcasts, time and date stamps from camera recordings, blinking recording indicators, and other static overlays can now be easily deleted using Remove Logo Now! The program offers you various selection methods and the possibility of selecting specific time intervals to remove all kinds of annoying graphic elements from nearly any TV and camera recording.

The removal process is fairly simple. You count with three different selection methods that will help you deal with the different overlays you may come across. If it is plain static text that you want to remove from the selected video file, you may want to use the selection brush tool, which will help you select the different characters in a more accurate way. Besides, this way the program will have to work its magic on fewer pixels than when you use the rectangular selection, which will save you time and will guarantee better results. To make a better use of the brush, select the radius size that fits the thickness of the characters you want to remove and take advantage of the powerful zoom in/out functions provided to fine-tune your selection. Rectangular selection is an excellent choice for timestamps or any other dynamic overlays that change their shape throughout the video. The third option works like a lasso tool and will help you select overlays with an irregular shape in a more accurate way.

You can apply the selected action either to the entire video or to a specific interval only. Remove Logo Now! comes with no player, so you will need to play back the video on a third-party tool beforehand in order to define the interval with a certain level of accuracy. The program does show you static views of the different frames, which will change as you move the slider provided forwards and backwards, but the level of accuracy of this “frame viewer” and its slider leaves a bit to be desired.

The results that came out of this review are mixed – some logos simply disappeared completely, while other static overlays seemed harder to remove for no apparent reason. Dynamic overlays, such as time stamps, were always trickier, and in all cases, the complexity or the simplicity of the background did also influence the level of success. In view of the program’s price tag and the somehow unpredictable results, it seems wise to download the trial and try it first.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Various selection methods
  • Interval selection
  • Adds watermarks


  • No player to help select intervals
  • Mixed results
  • High price tag
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